Monday, April 18, 2011

Blogging: Fashion's New Best Friend

Hi Everyone! Sorry I have been MIA, I am finishing school and have been super busy searching for my next adventure. I went to New York last week for job interviews and fell in LOVE. If you have not been, definitely add it to your to do list. Not only does New York have amazing food, breathtaking views, fun people and a fun atmosphere, the shopping there is to die for! Of course you already know that!! I must say that the five-story Henri Bendel was my favorite.

On another note we all know that social media has taken off and is one of the best things that has happened to the internet. It's free advertising and the perfect way to keep in touch with your fans. We have seen Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr plus more all take off. Almost every site you see will have these logos right when you enter the page. So what is next to come? Blogs! Think about it...having someone constantly engaging with fans on a more visual level is the perfect way to stand out. As I showed you before Free People has a very fun blog, BLDG25, and Kate Spade does too! You will fall in love when you see it, they have done such a great job staying on top of the hottest social media tools. For their blog they used Tumblr and it looks great! Tumblr is perfect to keep a treading visual appearance as well as,
1. re-blog other people's posts about your company
2. post tons of colorful photos
3. create specific campaign themes directly on your blog
4. the perfect way to distribute branded content
5. add videos, quotes, anything!
The best part is no one has to follow or like your page to be involved, they can go to it whenever they please. It is not a way of interacting with fans like on Facebook and Twitter but more for the fans to see and keep updated with your brand in a fun way that benefits them. However, it is a perk to have people follow, you want them coming back! Take on this opportunity, you won't regret it if you do.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Twitter Gets A Makeover

As most of you already know...a new version of Twitter has been released today and you are now looking at the new homepage! I love it, and I really enjoy all of the new changes made!! Twitter has been taking off over the past year and has grown to be something that everyone wants to take part in. In fact, there are almost 175 million Twitter accounts created. Its fun, interactive, and a great way for you to easily share your interests with people of similar interests. The new tagline on the homepage states just this, by saying "Instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what's happening around the world." Compared to"Discover what's happening right now, anywhere in the world," from the old Twitter homepage. The new Twitter tagline is, in a sense, designing a new beginning and a  new feel for this form of social engagement. 

A few of the other noted changes are on your actual page, including direct messages and @s to be located on the right sidebar, along with a new display of your profile. You will also be happy to know that signing up and creating your own account has been made easier. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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P.S. Twitter has had some glitches with the new Twitter being released so if you are not able to view the new page keep checking back in, it should all be fixed shortly!

Monday, April 4, 2011

How to STAND OUT on Facebook

If you have not already noticed... Facebook has a new trend. We have been overwhelmed with the growing popularity of social media that it is no longer as easy as creating a page to get noticed! Getting people to your page, and then liking it, has a new meaning. Here I will show you some alternative ways to get your name out there and have people WANT to be a part of your community. 

1. Giveaways! People love giveaways and chances to enter competitions, now they almost expect it! It's the perfect opportunity to grow your fan base. Make sure these competitions are limited to Facebook fans only and that these promotions encourage maximum engagement. You can now allow for people to become a fan of your page in order to be entered into the contest or competition! FYI..Wildfire app is a great application to use for this! 
2. If you have a website make sure you embed one of the many Facebook Social Plugins. This will ensure that people are hearing about your Facebook page and will increase traffic by being able to promote on both platforms. You can also link your Twitter and Facebook accounts for fan pages only, which will make all of your Facebook posts appear on Twitter, it is that easy. (The only disadvantage with this is that Twitter only allows for 140 characters and Facebook is unlimited, so what you write on Facebook could get cut off on Twitter) 
3. You can create a fun Welcome page for your fans using Facebook Tabs. This will show up front what your page is all about and what people will expect to get out of becoming a fan. Stelle McCartney does a really good job at this! If you need help or have questions about creating a page you can contact me! Tabs is part of Facebook apps, and tab applications are full of fun features you can make unique to your page. 
4. Make sure people can engage with your page once they become a fan. Allow for them to post photos or stories, and encourage it!! Everyone loves sharing so don't miss out on this opportunity to engage in more conversation on your page. 

As a side note: Set goals for yourself and what you want to accomplish from building a fan page. How you are going to award people/guidelines to go by. For example, having a giveaway for the 500th person to like your page!  Defining goals makes for no confusion, and do not forget to set ways on how to measure your success! 

So get out there and let your Facebook page be noticed! Post links on all of your social media pages and invite all of your friends. Good luck and happy Monday everyone! 
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Neiman Marcus "We Love Our Fans"

Neiman Marcus LOVES their fans...and we all love them! If you are not one of their 271,216 Facebook fans then what are you waiting for? Join right now!! Starting today, in honor of their appreciation, they are having an April giveaway full of designer looks and accessories...only for fans on Facebook! Today's giveaway is this super cute Michael Kors Tortoise Jet Set Watch. (Something I have had my eyes on!) 

All you have to do is like their page, and click the enter now link. Do not miss your chance to win. P.S. do not forget to check back in for all of the other great giveaways they have this month! Including a Tory Burch dress, Manolo Blahnik ballet slippers, and an Alexis Bittar bracelet! Everyone is talking about it, come engage in the fun. 
If you like to discuss fashion, luxury and the beauty of life follow them on twitter @neimanmarcus!! 

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Every Girl's Playground

Henri Bendel is a New York icon. Every time I walk into their store I die, I am obsessed with everything they have! Right now on you can check out their Spring's Fab 5 where you will find all the Haute Hues of the season. Ocean Break is my favorite! 

Joining their Facebook page is a MUST! Get hooked on all of the special deals posted. Enter to be Bendel Girl of the Week for the chance to be awarded a $1000 VIP Card. Could you imagine? With 20,000 likes you know it is good. Follow them @BendelGirls for some added fun! 

Love the beach? Visit Henri Bendel before April 11th and receive this limited edition Bendel Beach Tote with beauty treats! It is their gift to you.

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