Saturday, March 19, 2011

Can't Miss Marc

Who doesn't love Marc Jacobs? The Marc Jacobs new website welcome page is one of my favorites! As seen above, it starts with a look-a-like flagship storefront inviting you in to shop. Once in, it is just like you are shopping at the mall, except you can do this from home, LOVE. It even includes charming avatars to assist you. Check into World of Marc Jacobs where you can catch all the news and gossip, plus more!
Their website was not the only thing they refined. With over 415,000 followers on Facebook, we know that Marc Jacobs can't be missed! Join IN and engage in the scoop. Twitter @MarcJacobsIntl has over 110,000 followers and is just another way to add more Marc to your life! Want more? Another fun feature is their profile on LinkedIn.  With almost three hundred employees listed, it is the perfect opportunity to create connections and access a list of job openings. Stay IN and get hooked on Marc Jacobs.

Socially In 

P.S. Marc Jacobs is to be awarded at CFDA Awards on June 6th for lifetime achievement! Being considered as "One of the most influential designers working now."

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  1. He deserves the award ...hardly ever you see 'fashion' and his name is not in there .... love his creativity.


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