Monday, April 4, 2011

How to STAND OUT on Facebook

If you have not already noticed... Facebook has a new trend. We have been overwhelmed with the growing popularity of social media that it is no longer as easy as creating a page to get noticed! Getting people to your page, and then liking it, has a new meaning. Here I will show you some alternative ways to get your name out there and have people WANT to be a part of your community. 

1. Giveaways! People love giveaways and chances to enter competitions, now they almost expect it! It's the perfect opportunity to grow your fan base. Make sure these competitions are limited to Facebook fans only and that these promotions encourage maximum engagement. You can now allow for people to become a fan of your page in order to be entered into the contest or competition! FYI..Wildfire app is a great application to use for this! 
2. If you have a website make sure you embed one of the many Facebook Social Plugins. This will ensure that people are hearing about your Facebook page and will increase traffic by being able to promote on both platforms. You can also link your Twitter and Facebook accounts for fan pages only, which will make all of your Facebook posts appear on Twitter, it is that easy. (The only disadvantage with this is that Twitter only allows for 140 characters and Facebook is unlimited, so what you write on Facebook could get cut off on Twitter) 
3. You can create a fun Welcome page for your fans using Facebook Tabs. This will show up front what your page is all about and what people will expect to get out of becoming a fan. Stelle McCartney does a really good job at this! If you need help or have questions about creating a page you can contact me! Tabs is part of Facebook apps, and tab applications are full of fun features you can make unique to your page. 
4. Make sure people can engage with your page once they become a fan. Allow for them to post photos or stories, and encourage it!! Everyone loves sharing so don't miss out on this opportunity to engage in more conversation on your page. 

As a side note: Set goals for yourself and what you want to accomplish from building a fan page. How you are going to award people/guidelines to go by. For example, having a giveaway for the 500th person to like your page!  Defining goals makes for no confusion, and do not forget to set ways on how to measure your success! 

So get out there and let your Facebook page be noticed! Post links on all of your social media pages and invite all of your friends. Good luck and happy Monday everyone! 
Socially In 


  1. Great post! The new iFrame app is annoying for non-developers. I was a fan of the easy Static fbml boxes because you could have more than one-- with iFrame, you can only have one per page. I wish that they had kept FBML around. So obnoxious. I hope Facebook comes up with a way to fix this soon!

    Mallory Woodrow

  2. I haven't even noticed that they had made that change! I just created a new Tab three weeks ago, this must be really new. From the sounds of it I do not think I am going to have any idea how to work with the IFrame app! I loved Static FBML. I'm with you.. hopefully they fix it soon!


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