Sunday, October 16, 2011

Live Love Eat Cupcakes Contest

If you love cupcakes, then you are going to love this! has a delicious line of One Haute Cupcake charms that are a must see. They offer "A classy combination of savvy and sweet. This is what makes cupcakes special. Now the pleasure is yours when you wear your One Haute Cupcake charm. Sweet Bling® is committed to using only the finest ingredients. Choose your own combination of rose, yellow or white gold -- and now sterling silver -- to create the perfect recipe for cupcake couture! Each piece is created individually, and handcrafted with attention to the finest detail. Wear One Haute Cupcake as a dazzling necklace, or a to-die-for charm." Right now if you like Sweet Bling on Facebook and post a picture of a beautiful cupcake you will be entered to win this LIVE LOVE EAT CUPCAKES tee. Click here for Sweet Bling on Facebook and enter today!! Indulge yourself and good luck!

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